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For expert service

(623) 628-4412

For expert service

(623) 628-4412

Clients speak about Ack Inc

We are so thrilled with the service we have with Scott Ackerman. He calls us back immediately when we leave messages. It has been so worth the fee each month to have his service and the peace of mind ...
Gail and Dan Geer
When you buy with Scott you get two very important things. Value with your purchase and Scott's expertise with that purchase. I experienced that today when I had a problem with my Gmail account. In ...
Andrew Meguin
In today's world, it is hard to find the right person (or business) to trust with the maintenance and upkeep of your computer. Scott always responds promptly to requests for service, and he has ...
Cheryl Sanchez
THANK YOU!!I was referred by a family member to Scott (Ack,Inc.) when my computer software decided not to work correctly. Scott was available to look at my computer promptly that afternoon. He ...
As a small business owner I need IT help without the cost of a full time IT professional.  Scott provides me with everything I need and has made my IT headaches virtually disappear. I consider Scott ...
Donna Smith - AAPAK
My business computer crashes on a Saturday morning.  I called Ack in a panic.  He took in my computer ON A WEEKEND; it was fixed within 6 hours.  A+++
Tyra Woods-Wade
I maintain two businesses with large client bases. Scott is always there, with the touch of a keystroke, or text, to right any wrongs that rear up. Having spent 15 years developing relationships with ...
Terre Crosby
Scott is our computer and TV doctor. In fact, running our business without Scott would be impossible. His knowledge, expertise, work ethic, and integrity are of the highest caliber. Best of all, when ...
Henry & Jane Holland
I used Scott and his services for my clients. I run my own SEO business and sometimes you have a client whos computers need to run faster or occasionally need to be completely overhauled. Scott not ...
Matt D
Scott has been my computer's best friend for many years, and definitely my hero. I must confess I am a 60+ year old who is intimidated by computers, and when i do something silly, Scott rescues me ...
Julie Stephens

A welcome from Ack, Inc


Phoenix, Arizona Computer & Laptop Repair

Ack, Inc is your local Phoenix computer and laptop repair expert. We handle all laptop and computer repair issues quickly and efficiently.  And, with one our maintenance plans, we can even do it over the internet in many cases - saving you time and money.

Wherever you are, we can be there! We are mobile, so you don't need to bother searching for "Computer Repair near me" or "IT help near me". Just give us a few minutes and we'll be on your doorstep! Or we can remote into your system from our repair facility and fix many problems without ever leaving our chair!

Windows 7 is on the way out - welcome Windows 10

Our beloved Windows 7 is ending service on January 14, 2020. What this means is no more feature or security updates will be provided after this time. This doesn't mean that it will stop working, just that you may be missing out on new features, and that your computer may be at risk.

Don't wait. Why not get your computer updated today? Call or email us for a quote!

Computer repair - more than just parts

Many people think parts - a new hard drive or graphics card - when they think of computer repair, but it's so much more than that.  Just like total car care doesn't just mean a new clutch or set of brake pads, but changing the fluids and various adjustments, the same goes for computers.  Keeping your registry clean and error free, and removing viruses are just 2 preventive maintenance jobs Ack, Inc can do to keep you out of trouble.

Remote software upgrades & cloud backups

Another very important area of our job is keeping all your software up to date with the latest versions.  We can do all this remotely, while you're quiet, so minimizing your downtime.

To ensure your precious data is safe, we can backup critical files to the cloud ensuring you always have a fail-safe should the worst happen.  Again, we can monitor all this remotely.

Bring your PC to us for software/hardware repair. We remove Viruses & Spyware too!​

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New Laptops with only the software you need - optimized for performance! Or laptop repairs!

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PCs custom built for you! Get everything you want! Don't settle for less!​​ We repair PCs too.

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