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Home & business networks

Home & Business networks

Imagine all of your devices "talking" to each other without fail.  Ack, Inc. specializes in home & small business networks.  We can start from scratch or add to your existing equipment.  Get your network setup right with Ack, Inc!

Benefits of networking

There are 3 main advantages of having a good network (yes, like anything, there are good and bad networks), and they all have to do with sharing - sharing information, sharing resources, and sharing applications.  Networking computers together is excellent for growth, flexibility and cost savings.

Sharing information on a network

Having computers on a network means easy file swapping between devices (remember, it's not just desktops and laptops - your tablets and phones can connect too!).  So, sending any type of file to another device is just a simple copy or move.  And add a network drive (commonly known as a NAS- Network Attached Storage) and you have a storage device accessible by anyone on the network.

Sharing resources on a network

In addition to information, you can share resources over your network users.  A NAS is one such shareable device, but the 2 most common ones are a router (for connecting to the internet) and a printer.  With network shared devices, they are available to any user on the network regardless of the status of other devices on the network.  So 10 computers can easily print to just one printer.  Ack, Inc sell all these network devices.

Sharing applications on a network

Unlike files and (most) devices, sharing applications (such as Microsoft Office) require the purchase of a network ready version of the software.  However, when you're looking at multiple computers needing the software, a networkable version can often make good economic sense.

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