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For expert service

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For expert service

(623) 628-4412

Off site, cloud backup for critical dataOff site cloud back up

Whether you're a business or not, we all have important - sometimes critical - data we don't want to lose.  It may be important legal documents you've scanned, one-of-a-kind images, financial data, or client files; the loss of them can be very frustrating at best, and devastating to you at worst.

Good backups are good policy

Having regular backups makes smart sense.  Depending on what you're backing up and who you are will determine how often you need to do it and how much space you will need.  For most people, a timed backup - once a day, or once a week - is probably more than sufficient.  But, for a business, once an hour or when a file is changed may be more appropriate.  Then, if data is lost on the originating computer, a simple restore is all it takes to be back up and running again with little, or no, downtime.

On site versus off site backups

We recommend both as good insurance, however, we think that off site back up is by far the most important.  Many people tell us they have a portable hard drive or some other device in the home or office they back up to.  However, a thief or a fire is not selective, and your back up can disappear along with the original in just minutes.

So, having an off site back up is a wise move, and no longer expensive.  For only $12.95 per month, we can set you up with a rock solid off site backup with unlimited storage and regular, monitored backups, and you can sleep easy that your critical data is safe and secure.

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