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For expert service

(623) 628-4412

Remote software updatesRemote software updates

If you run any version of Windows, you'll know that the software giant relentlessly issues a stream of updates - some critical, some not.  And there are just 4 choices in the OS for how to deal with them:

Windows updates

Which should you choose?  Which updates should I install?  The sad fact is not ALL updates (and not just MS ones) are good for you.  A quick scan of the internet will show post after post from users complaining about bad patches.  And it's not just Microsoft... do you have the latest version of your browser, Java, or other software?

The easiest way is to let Ack, Inc worry about it.  We can do it automatically and remotely - yes, that's right, we can do it without coming in and disrupting your office!  We set updates to run when you're not busy, or not there, so the impact is generally none at all.

Why should I bother with software upgrades?

You should upgrade software for 2 very important reasons.  Features is the first, and happiest, reason.  Software vendors add new features or enhancements to allow you to do more, do it faster, or do it slicker.  Secondly, and this is the more critical, updates are issued to plug security holes in software.  This is the most important reason you should keep your software up to date, especially anything that interacts with the web.

A software maintenance plan with Ack, Inc will ensure you have the latest updates with no input from you and little or no downtime.  Can you afford not to be up to date?  Call or email us for a quote.