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For expert service

(623) 628-4412

For expert service

(623) 628-4412

Small business computer supportSmall Business computer support

Anyone who owns and runs a small business will know that, to do so, means being pulled in many different directions - usually all at the same time.  Marketing manager, CEO, designer, salesman and more.  And the sad truth is that we really aren't qualified to do many of them... even if we have the time or the knowledge!

The answer is to let Ack, Inc handle the computing support side of your business.  Most of us can't continue long in business without computers, so that makes them a critical component of our overall business structure - a "key man" in the business if you like; one you can't afford to have off sick.

How Ack, Inc can partner with your computing needs

We don't do our own tax, or fix our cars - we just don't have the necessary expertise.  However, we are computer specialists and can help you streamline your computer needs.  Think of us as your on-call, off-site IT department - for much less than you'd pay to have one on-site!

Whether you need new equipment, upgrades, anti-virus protection, software upgrades, remote support, or off-site backup, we can help.  Let us take the headache out of your IT and let's talk about a monthly maintenance plan to let you do what you're good at - your business!

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