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Virus & malware removal Virus & Malware Removal

If you're connected to the internet (and, sometimes, even if you're not) your computer is open season for the hundreds of thousands of hackers and malicious internet dwellers out there.  Whether it's your email being hacked, a virus you downloaded by clicking the wrong link, or malware installed as a piggy-back on seemingly legit software, "nasty" invaders of your computer can cause havoc, at best, and, at worst, disrupt your business, even infect your customers without you knowing!

Anit-Virus Software

One of your first lines of defense is a rock-solid anti-virus program.  Many people think they already have such a program, but how do you really know?  We use, and recommend, a monitored, cloud-based anti-virus program.  We completely trust the one we use from years of experience.  With this program we are able to monitor and update it remotely for you.  You should be working on your business, not worrying about your anti-virus software. 

This is one area you cannot afford to shut the barn door after the horse has bolted!

Virus and Malware Removal

Assuming you have these on your computer, they may be relatively harmless to your day-to-day, or they may be causing a slow down of your computer, or, worse still, hijacking your computer to attack other computers.  We specialize in removing these nasties from your computer and keeping them off.  We can do it either at our shop, your office or home, or even remotely.

Peace of mind computing

Whether you know about it or not, some Internet Service Providers will charge you for cleaning up their servers if your computer is identified as the cause of the infection.  Whilst that's not easy to prove, do you want to take the risk?  Even if that's not the case, do you really want sluggish performance, and all your friends, family and clients being spammed by your computer?

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