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Clients speak about Ack Inc

In today's world, it is hard to find the right person (or business) to trust with the maintenance and upkeep of your computer. Scott always responds promptly to requests for service, and he has ...
Cheryl Sanchez
I maintain two businesses with large client bases. Scott is always there, with the touch of a keystroke, or text, to right any wrongs that rear up. Having spent 15 years developing relationships with ...
Terre Crosby
Scott has been my computer's best friend for many years, and definitely my hero. I must confess I am a 60+ year old who is intimidated by computers, and when i do something silly, Scott rescues me ...
Julie Stephens
Scott is our computer and TV doctor. In fact, running our business without Scott would be impossible. His knowledge, expertise, work ethic, and integrity are of the highest caliber. Best of all, when ...
Henry & Jane Holland
Up front I'll say that, Scott and I did a trade - I built his new website and he cleaned my computer and is doing ongoing support. However, as quite a geek myself, and having been using computers ...
Ian Shere
I first met Scott about 9 years ago. We met at a networking event. I was not happy with the computer tech I had been using and was impressed with Scott right off. The computer I had at the time was a ...
Kathleen Lawson
Scott built my laptop and keeps it running fast and smooth. Happiness is not having to worry or try to do it myself. My worries and laptop issues are taken care of for me, usually before I even know ...
Clarence Johnson
I'm proud to say that Scott has been my IT Guru for 9 years!! He's ALWAYS been there for me, & I couldn't exist in the computer world without him!! He quickly, expertly, & efficiently handles & ...
Mary Kay Bond
My business computer crashes on a Saturday morning.  I called Ack in a panic.  He took in my computer ON A WEEKEND; it was fixed within 6 hours.  A+++
Tyra Woods-Wade
I used Scott and his services for my clients. I run my own SEO business and sometimes you have a client whos computers need to run faster or occasionally need to be completely overhauled. Scott not ...
Matt D

Build repair upgrade computersComputer repair and building

Ack, Inc is a full service company - we build and service (both what we've built and those we haven't).

Computer build or upgrade

Ack, Inc will repair your current computer if it's not working properly, or at all, or it's just time for an upgrade.  We use only quality parts and guarantee all our work.  Whether your hard drive is too small, you want the latest graphics card, or a better motherboard, we can do it all - both desktop or laptops.

Current computer evaluation

Before we start any work to upgrade your current computer, we will thoroughly evaluate it, paired with your needs, to make sure upgrading is in your best interests.  Sometimes, upgrading one component requires you to upgrade another, then another, actually making it cheaper to build a whole new machine.  And other times, what your current computer needs is a good "clean and polish" to get it running like new again.  As computers age, they get filled with "junk" and errors and these slow your machine down, as well as causing problems.  We will look at each option for you, as part of our evaluation, and give you our recommendation for the best course of action.  Don't get caught being sold the "latest and greatest" just because the salesperson can't, or won't, take time to properly evaluate your needs.  Ack, Inc will!